Updated Apr 7th, 2018


Below is the 2018 Parent Code of Conduct form that provides necessary information to everyone in the organization.  Please click the link below for this form.  This form must be reviewed, signed and turned in by parents of both football and cheer before their child can start practice on July 23rd.  It can be turned in at signups as well.

2018 Parent Code of Conduct form

Tunkhannock Jr Tigers Football/Cheer

2018 Notes For Parents:

  • Football Equipment and Cheer Uniform handout dates set for Saturday, June 23rd & Sunday, June 24th from 9:00 to 11:00am each day at Lazybrook Park at our practice pavilion. Please be aware that a check or cash for the $100 refundable deposit is due upon gear pickup. You will receive a receipt for your deposit.  
  • Mandatory combined Parent meeting on July 19th at 6pm at the Lazybrook Pavilion
  • First practice will be Monday, July 23rd from 6:00 to 8:00pm and will be Mon thru Thur until official season starts, then times will start earlier due to school and getting darker sooner and practice will drop to 3 days, Tues thru Thur.
  • This is the 4th year we have adopted a concession stand duty opt-out fee of $50. We have experienced a lot of struggle in years past of getting and maintaining volunteers for the concession stand and it tends to end up being the same small group of people (who end up having to volunteer for the entire game day versus a small portion of one game) doing a large majority of the work.  So, again this year, we are enforcing a past rule as follows:

       1. It is our organization’s expectation that atleast one parent per player/cheerer volunteer and show up for duty in concession stand

       2. We offer an opt-out fee of $50 in lieu of concession stand duty. We understand some people just can’t do it so we off this alternative

       3. If a parent does not volunteer or take the opt-out option (paid fee), their child does not play or cheer in a game until one or the other choice is in place

       4. If a parent misses their scheduled time in concession stand, or does not have a replacement (replacements are parent’s responsibility) and ensure they show for your scheduled duty, then their child will not be allowed to play or cheer in the next game OR parent can choose to pay $50 opt-out fee to ensure child’s play/cheer time in next game.

       5. Concession stand volunteering or opt-out fee paying will be handled by Lisa Latwinski during first week of practice and will be completed by no later than Monday, July 30th

  • At no time is a parent allowed on the practice field or stadium field during football activities. Only Coaches and Organization Members with approved Pa State Police and Child Abuse background checks are allowed on the fields.  Even if a parent has Clearances, if they are not identified as a Coach or Member by the organization they are not authorized to be on the fields.
  • Any football or cheer team concerns or issues please bring these up to the applicable Head Coach or Team Mom. Please reference Parent Code of Conduct for more information. 
  • Fundraisers will have an identified Points of Contact so please take up any concerns with the identified POC or your Team Mom. All Fundraiser money must be turned in as cash form only.  No Fundraiser payments in check form.
  • All football equipment and cheer uniforms will be issued out and a mandatory $100 deposit will be expected the day of handouts. Equipment turn in dates and procedures will be put out later in the season.  To avoid confusion, equipment and uniforms will be turned in ONLY on the dates and location put out by the organization leadership.  The $100 deposit will be returned once equipment/uniform has been verified returned.  For any equipment/uniforms not turned in, the $100 deposit (check cashed if paid in that form) be retained and used to replace missing items.