Updated: APR 7th, 2018



  • D team will now be know as I Team.  5-7 yr olds with age cutoff date of Aug 1st.  So essentially if your child’s age is 5, 6 or 7 yrs old he/she will be on I team.  The I team reverts back to being an Instructional Level this year.  Weight limit will be 105 lbs  (Down from 115 lbs last year)
  • C team is 8-9 yr olds as of Aug 1st.  Weight limit is 115 lbs (Down from 140lbs last year)
  • B team is 10-11 yr olds as of Aug 1st. (No 12 yr olds on B as they were last year) Weight limit is 140 lbs (Down from 160 lbs last year)
  • A team is 12-13 yr olds. (We will have an A team this year as we have 14 confirmed commitments so far to come play for this season) The weight limit for the A-Team for 2017 was be 155 pounds for skill positions (QB, RB, WR, TE on offense and LB, Safety, CB on Defense).  Players weighing between 156-170 pounds are eligible to play at the A-Team level on the offensive line (no skill positions) and defensive line (no skill positions)


2018 Sign up fee is lowered to $50.00.

This is all that is due at signups. Once practice starts a $15 concession stand fee is due for each player/cheerleader. This was adopted a couple years ago instead of soliciting food donations which became extremely hard to manage and to make it fair across the board.  It was voted on and decided to include at registration instead of hitting parents with an additional cost at the same time as our fundraising activities are going on during the season. There will be an additional table at signups

Additional Costs at Sign up:

If you are new to the organization, your player will need to have their jersey and pants ordered at signup.  If you have a returning player their existing jersey is fine to continue to use for this season, unless you need or desire to purchase new.

Finan Detail will be our vendor and have a table setup at signups for you to order these.  Below are the approximate prices:

Youth sized Jerseys               $35-$40

Adult sized Jerseys                $40-$45

All sizes Football Pants         $25


Padded Undershirts w rib protection          $35


Please feel free to contact Finan Detail with any questions concerning uniform purchases.

The Finan Detail

9 Towne Plaza

Tunkhannock, Pa  18657

(570) 836-3838

Our organization prides itself with providing the best equipment to our players of any organization in the league.  We keep our helmets reconditioning up to date as well as have been purchasing quite a few new helmets over the past 3 years.  The standard helmet we purchase and provide in our equipment issue (June 23-24th) is the Schutt Recruit Hybrid+.  Click here for info on this helmet

We are offering parents the option to purchase their player their own helmet.  We worked out a deal with our supplier to offer this at our organization’s cost.  And with that, you can order the same standard helmet we use for our teams listed above or one of the better, higher end models listed below.  There is a couple week lead time on the helmets so if interested, it would be best to get order in soon.  Also, for everyone’s ease, payment can be made to our organization via cash, check or credit/debit card.  If by check, order will be placed once check clears.  Any questions please email to

Helmets available: (additional shipping charges may apply)

Pricing is for helmet, facemask and chin strap.  Facemask is Carbon Steel on these helmets with the exception of the Z10.  Links below show helmets on Schutt site but note that the pricing there is without facemask.  A link will be provided below for Vengeance facemask choices.  Our pricing DOES include facemask so you will have to choose style when ordering.

Schutt Vengeance A3:  Jr Tiger’s price is TBD (2017 price was $93.99)

Click here for A3 info

The Vengeance facemasks available for the Vengeance helmets are the VEGOP II YF, VEGOP YF, VROPO DW YF, VROPO TRAD YF, and VROPO SW TRAD YF listed in the link below:

Click here for facemask selections


Schutt Vengeance A3+: Jr Tiger’s price is TBD (2017 price was $122.19)

Click here for A3+ info


Schutt Vengeance Pro: Jr Tiger’s price is TBD (2017 price was $169.18)

Click here for Pro info

On this link you can customize the helmet to see what it would look like with different facemasks.


Schutt Vengeance Z10:  Jr Tiger’s price is TBD (2017 price was $274.99)

Price is for helmet, facemask and chin strap.  Facemask is Titanium on this helmet only. Click link below for Schutt’s page to customize helmet and see what style facemasks are available

Click here for info on Z10


New for 2018, we have moved our organization to a different league, the ACCJFL.







This is our suggested preseason workout to acclimate our young players before practice starts.  On the sheet it suggests to start 2-3 weeks before practice starts, but this is the minimum, please feel free to have your player do this (perhaps participate yourself!) at anytime from now till July.