Coach’s Corner

Updated Apr 7th, 2018

Football and Cheer Coach’s completed paperwork needs to be submitted no later than June 23-24th (equipment handout dates) for Board consideration. Both existing and new coaches need to have Volunteer and Cover Sheet documents turned in. No new coaches will be considered after that date for 2018.

Added a link to some Heat Stress training below

Heat Stress Training

Coaches, just some important info for you.  As Coaches (or any volunteer), we are MANDATED REPORTERS.  Changes in PA regulations effective 2015 have expanded the “Mandatory Reporting” requirements to volunteers who supervise children.  

Who does this include? Managers, Coaches, Board Members and Team Moms.  I will post literature and FAQ in the next couple days.  But basically what it means is, if you even slightly suspect anything pertaining to Child Abuse, as a coach you are OBLIGATED by law to report it.  

Again, I will have this info available to you soon.  Look at this as a good thing, not a burden.  We are all here for the kids, and not just to teach football and cheer.  

Coach Alan

Potential Coaches need to complete several items to be considered for a coaching role. By filling out the Volunteer Form doesn’t guarantee you will be a coach.  Volunteers are subject to Board approval.  We also have a limit of 8 coaches per team. Below is the Volunteer Forms that need to be completed and then turned into the organization’s Secretary (Lisa Latwinski). Any questions please email us at

Volunteer and Clearance Cover Sheet docs


All Coaches are mandated to have Clearances inorder to participate and be on the field.  Clearances will be good for 3 years from date of report.  Any existing clearances dated for last year are good.  Any new prospects for coaches are responsible for attaining their own clearances.  We will need both the Child Abuse and the PA State Police criminal check completed.  If you have lived outside of Pennsylvania in the past 10 years you will also need to get the FBI Fingerprint check.  Below are the links:

Child Abuse Clearance

PA State Police Criminal Check

FBI Fingerprint Check (if you have lived outside of PA within the past 10 years)


All Coaches are mandated to take this free online course for concussion training.

Please click the link below and complete the training and print out certificate at the end. This certificate needs to be turned in so it can be added in to the President’s Book.

Heads Up Concussion Training