Updated April 7th, 2018


  • I Squad – Cheerleaders that are in K & 1st grade during the current season
  • C Squad – Cheerleaders that are in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade during the current season
  • B Squad – Cheerleaders that are in 5th & 6th grade during the current season
  • A Squad – Cheerleaders that are in 7th & 8th grade during the current season.  8th graders that are 14 years old may participate provided they do not turn 15 before the end of the current season.  Any cheerleader that is in the 9th grade or higher during the current season is not eligible to participate regardless of age

2018 Sign up fee is now $50.00.

This is all that is due at signups. Once practice starts a $15 concession stand fee is due for each player/cheerleader. This was adopted a couple years ago instead of soliciting food donations which became extremely hard to manage and to make it fair across the board.  It was voted on and decided to include at registration instead of hitting parents with an additional cost at the same time as our fundraising activities are going on during the season.

Estimated Additional Costs after Sign up:

Items:                                                                         Approximate Cost:

ION Cheer Celebration Sneaker                            $16.95

Cropped Turtleneck                                                $12.50

Boy-Cut Briefs                                                           $5.95

Pom Poms                                                                  $17.90

Competition Hair Bow                                            $3.95-$5.95

Socks                                                                           $2.95-$4.50

Approximate Total Cost                                          $60.20 to $63.25                                           

Our Cheer Leadership wrote up a well-written Cheerleading manual that provides all the information that Cheer parents need to know.  Please click the link below or goto Forms page to download manual.  The last page is an understanding sheet that parents will sign and turn in to their Cheer Leadership.  

2018 Manual Pending

2017 Cheer Manual